Message of Our President

In the 17th year of our company, we moved to our new factory. I want to mention the meaning of our brand and from whom were given the name of our brand within these 17 years. 12 years ago while we were making epoxy floor coating in Spanish based Bamesa
Steel plant, I gave the name PIONERO as our brand name with the insistence of Spanish engineers who were liked and satisfied for our application.

Maybe they who had insisted for PIONERO trade mark to us had predicted at that time by looking our nowadays works in the sector today to become LEADING = PIONERO of the sector.

To become the biggest domestic manufacturer of epoxy coating in Turkey with completing our investment, while there was no standard to prepare TSE epoxy-related standards, having ISO 9001: 2008 management certificate according to the company structure,
and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certificate continuing on with our work make PIONERO = LEADER as in its meaning showing how very hard we have worked hard to fulfill the meaning of our brand name.

To make and sustain this work we are giving top importance to maintain our organizational structure and professional staff, production, application, administration, research & development, from marketing to after-sales services, entire work flow processes.

Success is a team effort of not only for some people but also the people who agreed, trusted each other, and have the same common goal.
PIONERO has been involved in hundreds of projects of Epoxy Floor Coating jobs in Turkey.

Under our brand name PIONERO Epoxy Floor System our company have been operating as a manufacturer and also
making work in-site applications. To solve problems facing in construction field of application and in the epoxy using industry,
PIONERO ensure accurate, precise, correct and systematic solution to our professional customers by correct use of correct
product in the right place with our expert staffs.

We continue to work with our professional team and equipment with principles are aim of
continuous improvement and change, understanding our customers with quality service to perpetuate their confidence, and to
increase customer satisfaction. During production of our epoxy floor coating goods we are using the highest technology
and Huntsman Araldite resins.

Our quality, productivity, and working principle is based on our customer-focused products and
services therefore we want to meet you with our goods and services.